Our team

Skarzhanovska Tetiana
Manager of FIRST programs in Ukraine
Sales manager
Email: fll.in.ukraine@gmail.com
Phone: +38 (067)327-50-65

Demidov Herman
Customer&event manager
Email: org.fll.in.ua@gmail.com
Phone: +38(063)347-56-80

Davydenko Ivanna
Manager of STEM FLL
Email: first.in.ukraine@gmail.com
Phone: +38(093)498-42-79

Savchenko Maksym
Judges and volunteers coordinator
Email: lego.volunteers@gmail.com
Phone: +38 (044)577-29-29

Shevtsova Iryna
HR manager (judges and volunteers)
Email: lego.volunteers@gmail.com
Phone: +38(063)641-58-73

Vladykina Nadya
Technical manager
Email: n.vladykina@prolego.org
Phone: +38(093)989-60-62

Красносельська Олександра
The event manager of the FIRST programs
Email: event.org.fll@gmail.com
Phone: +38(95)524-08-07

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